Electronic Circuits

Rectifiers- Half wave rectifier, Derivation of various parameters, Full wave rectifier and Comparison of Rectifiers.

Filter Circuits- Shunt capacitor filter, Series inductor filter, Chock input (LC) filter, Pi(π section filter or CLC filter or capacitor input filter, Advantages and Disadvantages, etc.

Voltage Regulators- Block diagram, Types, Line Regulation, Load Regulation, Regulated Power Supply, Stabilization, Zener Diode Regulator, Break down mechanisms, Series Voltage Regulators, Emitter-follower Regulator, Series Pass Transistor Voltage Regulator, Op-Amp series regulator, Current-limiting circuit, Foldback limiting and Short Circuit Overload Protection.

Voltage multiplier Circuits- Voltage doublers, Voltage Trippler/Quadruppler, etc.

Biasing BJTs- Transistor as an amplifier, DC Load line, Operating Point, Transistor Biasing and Stabilization, Stability Factors, Biasing Circuits and Bias Compensation.

Oscillators- Hartley, Colpitts, UJT relaxation

Differential Amplifiers- MOS Differential Pair and Large Signal Analysis

Prepared by :Ramesh K,
Dept. of ECE, MEA Engg College,


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