Lecture Notes in Digital Electronics and Model Questions

  • Digital electronics- Introduction, basic gates, compound gates, Boolean algebra, SOP and POS forms and implications of De Morgans theorem

  • Combinational circuits- Design, half adder, full adder, ripple carry adder, etc.

  • Counters- Introduction, asynchronous counters, etc.

  • Karnaugh Map (or K-map) Simplification

  • Simplification Using K-maps- Overview, incompletely specified functions and implementation with universal gates

  • Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, Decoders and Encoders- Introduction

  • Number systems and Binary codes

  • Sequential circuits- introduction, flipflops, excitation tables and conversion of flipflops

  • Model questions in digital electronics

  • Prepared by: Suhail T A
    Dept. of ECE
    Al- Ameen Engg. College,


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