Technical Papers Based on Medical Image Water Marking and Data Hiding by Prof. K.A.NAVAS.

A Benchmark for Medical Image Watermarking

Navas. K A, Sasikumar M, Sreevidya S, A benchmark for medical image watermarking, 14th International workshop on systems signals & image processing and 6th EURASIP Conference focused on speech & image Processing, Multimedia Communication & services IWSSIP2007 & EC-SIPMCS2007, Maribor, Slovenia 27-30 June 2007.pp 249-252

DWT-DCT-SVD Based Watermarking

Navas K A, Ajay Mathews Cheriyan, Lekshmi.M, Archana Tampy.S, Sasikumar: DWT-DCT-SVD Based Watermarking, Proc. Third Int. Conf on communication, System Software and middle, IEEE-COMSWARE-2008, Bangalore, India 5-10 Jan 2008

DWT based EPR hiding in Medical Images

K.A.Navas, Shyama.P.Govind, Soumya Annie Johny, Sasikumar. M: DWT based EPR hiding in Medical Images, Proc. Int. Conf on Signal processing, communication and networking IEEE-ICSCN-2008, Chennai, India 3-5 Jan 2008. pp748-752

Lossless Watermarking in JPEG2000 for EPR Data Hiding

Navas K A, Nithya V S, Rakhi R, Sasikumar M, Lossless watermarking in JPEG2000 for EPR data hiding, Proc. Int. Conf. IEEE-EIT 2007, Chicago, USA, June 17-20, 2007, pp 697-702.

EPR Hiding in Medical Images for Telemedicine

K A Navas, Archana Thampy, Sasikumar M: EPR Hiding in Medical images for Telemedicince, Int. nat. journal of Biomedical Sciences, volume 3 Number 1.

Survey of Medical Image Watermarking Algorithms

K A Navas, M Sasikumar, Survey of Medical Image Watermarking Algorithms, 4th International conference: Sciences of Electronic, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications, Tunisia, March 25-29, 2007

A Novel Quality Measure for Information Hiding in Images

Navas K.A, Aravind M.L, Sasikumar M In Search of a Suitable Quality Measure for Information Hiding in Images, IEEE computer society conference on Computer Vision and Pattern recognition workshops, 23-28 June 2008, Alaska, US.

Spatial Domain- High Capacity Data Hiding in ROI Images

Smitha B, Navas. K A, Spatial Domain: High capacity data hiding in ROI images, Proc. Int. Conf on Signal processing, communication and networking IEEE-ICSCN-2007, Chennai, India 23-24 Feb 2007, pp 528-533

Data Hiding in ROI Images

K A Navas, Archana Thampy, Sasikumar M: Data hiding in ROI images, Int. nat. conf. on RF and Signal Processing, RSPS-2008, Vijayawada, India, 1-2 Feb 2008

Standards for EPR Data hiding

K.A.Navas, Geethu Issac, Sasikumar. M: Standards for EPR Data hiding, Proc. International Conference on Sensors, Signal Processing, Communication, Control and Instrumentation SSPCCIN-2008. Pune, India, 3-5 Jan 2008

About Prof.K.A.NAVAS

K. A. Navas is the Principal of LBS College of Engineering, Kasargode. He obtained B. Tech from TKM college of Engineering in the year 1987, M. Tech from SJCE, Mysore in the year 1995 and Ph D from Kerala University. He is a member of Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Kerala University and Board of Studies of Calicut University. He has more than 24 years of teaching experience. Dr. Navas has authored 6 books and published 40 technical papers in national and international conferences and journals. He has presented papers in the international conferences at UAE, Slovenia and Italy. He has coordinated many national conferences and seminars. He is a senior member of IEEE and ISTE. He is a visiting professor to many reputed institutes. His research interests include Bio-medical image processing, Pattern recognition, Multimedia quality assessment and Data hiding.


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